Some Cúcuta Deportivo fans, ‘reluctant’ to return to the General Santander stadium

Some Cúcuta Deportivo fans, ‘reluctant’ to return to the General Santander stadium
Some Cúcuta Deportivo fans, ‘reluctant’ to return to the General Santander stadium

Five days after the defeat of Cúcuta Deportivo, in the final of the B-2023 Finalization Tournament, against Fortaleza, the fans continue to be overcome with their pain and sadness.

Several of the followers they don’t ‘forgive’ them to the motilones and the directors for having played with their hopes and feelings of wanting to see the ‘Doubly Glorious’ again next year in the highest category of the national team.

They are hurt by the way in which, in some way, they consider that the team threw away the possibility of promotion and they no longer believe in the words of the club’s owners, which is why there are already some fans who are ensuring that they will not accompany them in the next season.

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It’s a statement, ‘The Glorious Red and Black Band Zona Norte’ showed his discontent that the final left him.

In one of the sections of the letter, the barristas detailed that, “this year we gave everything for our beloved colors and we did not fail the team.”

Alleging that the directors literally betrayed the fans and “everything will remain the same, as long as the Cadena family is in charge of the club.”

The letter also states that “we want the red and black people to know From the bottom of our hearts we are going to stand hard against those (….) that have done so much damage. We are going to show them that their business without us fans is nothing,” and they invited all the fans not to attend the stadium in 2024 to accompany the team in the championship, until the current owners leave the club.

Consulting Daniela Duque, barrista leader, on the subject, she clarified that, “regarding not returning to enter the stadium, it was ‘La Gloriosa’ who spoke out with a statement. ‘La Gloriosa’ is very different from the ‘Banda del Indio’, we have very different thoughts, and it has not yet spoken out regarding this issue, and everything that has happened, because we have to keep our sanity in times of rage, disappointment and anger.” .

The young woman insisted that, “we can’t go out and say the first thing that comes to mind and then not fulfill it. It is more than clear that despite the bad leadership, the bad moments and everything bad that happens to Cúcuta Deportivo, it is the team that we love and that we will always follow.”

Threatened player?

But as a result of what happened on Friday in the final, a complaint made by the forward circulated yesterday Juan David Morenowho on his social network indicated that a barrista had threatened him.

According to him, Jaider Galvis threatened him, saying that the players should not let themselves be seen, because things could go badly for them.

But on his network, Moreno explained that the message was later deleted, but there was an exchange of strong words between the footballer and the fan.

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Regarding this discussion, Daniela Duque stated that, “Juan Moreno He is the one who starts the threats against a member of the bar, he even publishes a photo of the boy, without thinking about the consequences that could have when publishing the photo. He (the footballer) talk about tests about the threats, but he has nothing, why there were simply no threats from Jaider.”

The opinion He consulted one of the representatives of the team’s press office to find out if the club was going to comment on what happened to the player and indicated that At the moment nothing was known.

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