The international from Cojeda Ángel Arteaga will direct the First Leg of FutVe 2


The international from Cojeda Ángel Arteaga

Balonazos Editorial.- The international from Cojeda Ángel Arteaga will be the main judge in the first leg match of the Grand Final of the FutVe 2 League 2023 of the First Division that will be played on Ureña SC and Bolívar SC.

The match will be played on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at the Umberto Laurano stadium in La Fría, in the state of Táchira at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Along with the international from Cojeda Arteaga, the also international Lubin Torrealba de Lara will be present in the capital of the Municipality of García de Hevia as First Assistant and as second assistant will be Paolo García from Trujillo.

The fourth Referee will be Rony Cueva from the Capital District and the Field advisor will be the Tachira international Marlon Escalante.

The second leg will be on Wednesday, November 29 at the CTE Cachamay stadium in Puerto Ordaz, also in the afternoon. A stadium suitable for presenting a professional football final and that is how it was decided.

Ureña SC vs Bolívar SC

Wednesday: 11/22/2023 – Hour: 3:30 PM

Referee: Ángel Arteaga (Cojedes)

Assistant 1: Lubin Torrealba (Lara)

Assistant 2: Paolo García (Trujillo)

4th Referee: Rony Cueva (Capital District)

Field Advisor: Marlon Escalante (Táchira)

Stadium: Umberto Laurano from La Fría.


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