National games. What does Ventana say about the Valle del Cauca delegation?

National games. What does Ventana say about the Valle del Cauca delegation?
National games. What does Ventana say about the Valle del Cauca delegation?

To take into account:

– The National Games, which take place in the Coffee Region, still have to be finished, but the superiority of Valle del Cauca is indisputable. Rivals that previously gave us the fight, today are very far apart… I’m talking about Antioquia and Bogotá Distrito Capital, former champions. El Valle, at a good time, realized that there were a series of sports where they gave us bread and dry goods, they were given support and the panorama changed. The supremacy of our region is seen in the international triumphs of the Colombian teams in different specialties. This action of the Valley is due to the coaches, athletes, leaders, governors and the families of the athletes themselves, witnesses and companions of their sacrifices. This preparation begins in the leagues and even in school games…El Valle has enough achievements to be a two-time champion.

The Mop Question:
– How convenient is it for Ecopetrol to be a partner of the Venezuelan oil company, with abundant reserves but obsolete in equipment and legislation?

To Caesar what is Caesar’s:
– The ties between Colombians and their soccer team are greening and, in large part, it is due to the rise of James Rodríguez and Luis Díaz, who comes from a very serious family drama and that should not be forgotten, because in our country there are more of 30 kidnapped by the ELN and others by the FARC dissidents. GOD wants this closeness to remain firm and for the kidnapped to return home.

Showbiz in Action:
– After Miss Universe, in El Salvador, the following results remain:
– Miss Universe Queen: Sheynnis Palacios, from Nicaragua.
– Big winner: Miss Nepal, Janet Garret, because she won admiration and applause by breaking the 90-60-90 body patterns.
– Great Achiever: Nayid Bukele, because he was able to present the profile of his new country to dozens of countries.

Between Tomatoes and Strawberries:
– Tomatoes: many and very rotten for Cali and businesses and companies that throw garbage in public areas. Pigs!…and may sanctions rain down on them.
– Strawberries: plenty and very tasty for all the members of the Valley delegation in the National Games of the Cafatero Axis, due to the brilliant representation.

The “Latest” of Journalism:
– With the conversation “Leaders Who Build the City”, Diario Occulta will continue with the celebration of its 62 years and it does so alongside the people. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 23, at the Comfandi Auditorium, in Cali. It will start at 8:30 in the morning and will go until 12:00 at noon. In addition to the special guests and panelists, the attendees will have a voice, as always this newspaper has provided.
– And speaking of the National Games I want to highlight the chronicles and other writings of Wilfrido Franco García, who once again confirms the virtues as a writer and as an expert on sport in its different disciplines. It’s nice to read it.

– Bye… See you tomorrow… Thank GOD for everything… and you for being Ventanalector…


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