U. of Chile awards posthumous title to Consuelo Zambra and will create academic recognition in her name

U. of Chile awards posthumous title to Consuelo Zambra and will create academic recognition in her name
U. of Chile awards posthumous title to Consuelo Zambra and will create academic recognition in her name

The posthumous degree of Consuelo Zambra Villalobos, a first-generation student of the Bachelor of International Studies who died in the Czech Republic at the beginning of this year, was received by her parents in a ceremony held at the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile . In the instance, it was also reported the creation of a recognition for academic excellence in her name, which will be awarded to the best average of each generation of the career that Consuelo was studying.

With the presence of authorities, academics, students and family members, last Thursday the 16th, the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile made an emotional posthumous graduation ceremony in honor of the Internationalist career professional, Consuelo Zambra Villalobos.

On the occasion, the Director of the IEI, prof. Dorotea López Giral, pointed out that we will always remember Consuelo as “an exceptional student, committed to her vocation as an internationalist; with an incredible passion for learning, researching and getting to know the world. But, above all, for her great human quality and her constant concern for the well-being of her colleagues, family and friends. She was a source of inspiration for all of us and her legacy will continue to inspire future generations, through a recognition that we make official starting today, with a diploma that will bear her name and that will be awarded to the best student. a of each generation of the Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Rectory, prof. Carlos Rilling, He said that this ceremony was impregnated with love, respect and admiration for someone who was an excellent student. “It is impossible not to feel the loss of someone brilliant and enlightened. Consuelo was part of the first generation of a program that fills us with pride. “She always pursued her dreams with impeccable academic development and a foolproof passion, especially to know the world.”

Meanwhile, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, prof. Ulises Cárcamopointed out that we are present to fulfill a debt “and I am not only talking about his professional title, but it is also the opportunity to recognize his tremendous contribution as a human being.”

During the event, the Professor Andrés Dockendorff, with whom Consuelo developed a research project, and two representatives of her generation, the students Sofía Velásquez and Leonardo Benavides.

The academic highlighted Consuelo’s personality, her constant restlessness, her taste for working as a team and for constantly looking for a way to do things better. “She worked with me on a Fondecyt project, being one of the first students of our degree to work as a research assistant, which she did impeccably. “She always demonstrated great intelligence, curiosity, critical sense and great solidarity with her colleagues.”

It was precisely their responsibility to highlight the most human side of Consuelo. Full of emotions, Sofía and Leonardo remembered passages from their lives and the great void that their early departure left them. Despite this, they admitted that they feel her present in every challenge and step they take both professionally and personally.

The family

Despite the difficult moment that Consuelo’s family is going through, its members also wanted to be part of this tribute, so they shared an emotional video with the attendees, through which they expressed their feelings while showing images of the city of Iquique, his native land.

Then her older sister, Constanza Zambra, who thanked the tribute and all the help that the Institute and the Central House provided from the moment they became aware of the accident that cost Consuelo her life. As well as all the efforts made to repatriate her remains.

Constanza defined her sister as “a unique and incomparable woman, with a very big and kind heart. She was also the soul of our family, the person who always cared about keeping us together.”

Likewise, he invited the university community to have Consuelo as a source of inspiration. “I hope that all of her colleagues can achieve what she did not achieve: to be empathetic and respectful professionals, and a true contribution to others, especially to those who need it most.”

Finally, Consuelo’s parents were invited to come forward, Sergio Zambra and María Lorena Villaloboswho received from the officials and academics of the Institute, a galvano reminderwhich was delivered by Mr. Guido Arias.

Then he head of the Internationalist Career, prof. Federico Rojas de Galarreta gave them a diploma through which the “Consuelo Zambra Villalobos” recognition is made official, which will be awarded annually to the best student of each generation of the Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.

Lastly, the Director of the University’s Undergraduate Department, prof. Leonor Armanet Bernales, gave them – posthumously – the professional title of Internationalist.

Very excited, Consuelo’s mother thanked the University for accompanying them in these moments that have been especially strong for the entire family, especially because for her daughter this was her second home, through which her dreams were projected, which were They were cut short 10 months ago, but they will continue to live on in the hearts of their friends, colleagues and future generations.

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