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Mining activity in the capital under review

Mining activity in the capital under review
Mining activity in the capital under review

ZACATECAS. Governor David Monreal Ávila assured that the inhabitants of the capital will not be put at risk, given the constant complaints from the residents of the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood due to detonations at the Capstone Copper mine.

He highlighted that there is currently a working group led by the general secretary of the government, Rodrigo Reyes Mugüerza, the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), the mining company and the Mexican Army and the National Guard (GN) recently joined, who are awaiting expert opinions.

He argued that “we want to be certain of what is happening, because the last incident of the earthquake, last week, pointed to the mine settlements as the epicenter, so we are going to review.”

Therefore, he requested that a responsible study be carried out, as he emphasized that this mine represents income and jobs for Zacatecas; However, “not even employment is going to come before the life or integrity of people, so we are going to wait for the opinions of professionals.”

He acknowledged that it is a complex issue, which is why objectivity is sought, because the exploitation of the mine is due to a concession granted by the federation, “that is why it has to be very judicious, that is why I am waiting for the intervention of other instances, including that of the Environment, that of the Government itself.”

When asked about whether there will be support to reinforce housing in the affected areas, he explained that there are talks with the General Secretariat of Government and the company for this; However, a survey is sought on the particular conditions of the homes.

Rema demands closure

The Mexican Network of People Affected by Mining (Rema), through a statement, demanded the closure of the Canadian Capstone Copper Cozamin mine in Zacatecas, this after on November 15, residents of the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Lázaro Cárdenas colonies del Río, Popular Front of Zacatecas, among others, attributed four earthquakes that were felt in the capital due to explosive detonations in the mine.

They denounced the state administration’s disregard for the problem, as well as the Mexican Army’s harassment of people who have demonstrated against the mining company; However, this was denied by the governor.

They explained that for years the dissidents have been demanding that the mine be reviewed and closed, due to the damage suffered after the company decided to implement a growth plan in its exploitation and production.

They assured that the mine causes havoc to the houses of the nearby colonies, as well as permanent damage to the territory.

Capstone Copper defends its work


Through a press release, Saúl Ríos Velazco, Human Capital manager of Capstone Copper Cozamin, reported that it is the highest-paid company in the industry and that it generates the greatest number of jobs in the region where Morelos, Zacatecas and Vetagrande converge. It provides more than 1 thousand direct and 5 thousand indirect jobs, he points out.

It points out that 95 percent of the personnel who work in the mine are from the state and suppliers and services from Zacatecas companies are hired in a similar percentage.

The salary given to basic employees at the Capstone Copper Cozamin plant, installed on the San Roberto hill, exceeds 810 pesos per day, well above the average daily salary in Mexico, which is 486.4, he explains.

The company grants all its workers social security, bonuses, paid vacations, overtime pay, a savings fund, as well as attendance bonuses, security bonuses, food bonuses, daily productivity bonuses, work breaks and holidays worked.

Likewise, they give leave for marriage, death of relatives, maternity and paternity.

In the case of the management body, there are 130 positions, all of them are occupied by professionals, men and women, graduates of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), among them the general manager of the company.

They add that Capstone Copper will continue the work and collaboration in generating wealth and employment for Zacatecas.

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