Enrique Alfaro maintains the idea of ​​creating a SAT for Jalisco Grupo Milenio

Enrique Alfaro maintains the idea of ​​creating a SAT for Jalisco Grupo Milenio
Enrique Alfaro maintains the idea of ​​creating a SAT for Jalisco Grupo Milenio

The government of Jalisco continues to advance on the issue of leaving the fiscal pact, it does not take its finger off the line in the creation of a State Tax Administration System.

The state president, Enrique Alfaro, indicated that this project can be a reality since in the coming days he will have a meeting with the Government Secretariat to see the details of this system.

“We are in that process and the meeting that I have pending with the Ministry of the Interior is to follow up on a file, a proposal that we sent in writing last week to the government that we hope will have a formal response from the government of the Republic and in specific to the Ministry of Finance that for various reasons we have not been able to have a direct dialogue with Ascenda, but we have been able to have a direct dialogue with the government and I am waiting for a response,” said Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, governor of Jalisco.

He expressed that this decision would benefit the state economy, since it would bring more benefits to the people of Jalisco in matters of this nature.

“What the local SAT will allow is to do better our functions in fiscal matters, those that we already fulfill and of course be prepared to assume new responsibilities in case the decision is made to go on an exit route from the tax agreement, That is to say, the local SAT could be the responsibility that today is delegated in an agreement to the Federation. Particularly taxes that, although many people think that they are federal, are actually constitutionally state taxes, such as VAT and ISR,” he commented.

The governor will continue to insist on making the best decision thinking about the well-being of citizens in general.

Will there be a fiscal pact in Jalisco?

It will be in the month of December when the Government of Jalisco will define whether to establish a new fiscal pact after ensuring that the Secretary of the Federal Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, acts like a duck and does not meet the demands of his Government by demanding fair and equitable for the entity.

“The Secretary of the Treasury has become a duck as he has been a duck for a long time with Jalisco. We are going to define as soon as the federal deputies finish the review process, we are going to define the steps to follow, but I can advance one thing, we are not going to allow Jalisco’s approach to be ignored,” said Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, Governor of Jalisco.


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