“If Shakira had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos, it would have cost her much less money”

“The infatuation of Shakira It has cost him 120 million euros. If she had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos rather Gerard Piquéit would have cost him much less money,” he analyzed Paul Molins during an interview in Rac 1. The Colombian singer’s lawyer left several headlines when explaining the agreement reached with the Treasury for the crimes that Shakira was facing.

After admitting his tax fraud, The Colombian artist has accepted the prosecutor’s proposal to avoid trial for the six crimes committed against the Treasury. Thus, the one from Barranquilla has assumed a three-year prison sentence and a million-dollar fine.

“So much so that they fill their mouths with the equality of the Spanish… If you are a resident of Catalonia, you can go to prison for a crime that is impossible to take you to Madrid with the same conduct, because there is no estate tax “, explained the lawyer defending the artist.

lThe artist has been in Barcelona these days negotiating until, finally, the agreement has been ratified, sealed between the singer’s lawyers, the representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office and the Generalitat.

Shakira He was facing several accusations of tax evasion in Spain during the period between 2011 and 2015, years in which he already resided in the country. According to the allegations, it is maintained that the singer should have complied with her tax obligations as a resident in Spain starting in 2011, shortly after beginning his relationship with Gerard Pique. However, the artist registered as a tax resident in Spain only in 2015. The taxes corresponding to these four previous years are what have brought her to the brink of a possible trial, since, as she explains Molins“Spanish Treasury considers that she lived here more than half of the year and, therefore, she was obliged to pay them.”

Precisely Shakira was one of the most decorated during the Latin Grammy Gala 2023 celebrated in Seville. The Colombian singer triumphed alongside Bizarre with your Session. It received the award for best song of the year given by Sergio Ramos, who attended the Gala as ‘host’ of the Sevillian city. In the Latin Grammy 2023, Shakira was the winner in categories: Best Fusion/Urban Performance, Best Pop Song and Song of the Year.

The camero was highly questioned during the photos on the red carpet before the event began. He came hand in hand with his sister, instead of Pillar Blondwhich was quite surprising among the attendees.

As expected, since then There have been many speculations about the reasons for Pilar Rubio’s absence, even talking about a crisis between the couple. and alarms go off. Rumors that, as Pilar Vidal explained this Monday, had little to do with reality.

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