The First Chess Competition is a success – El Sol de Irapuato

The First Chess Competition is a success – El Sol de Irapuato
The First Chess Competition is a success – El Sol de Irapuato

HUANÍMARO, Gto.- Iker Durán Gen, from the municipality of Valle de Santiago, and Ulises González Delgado, from the La Tinaja community of Huanímaro, were the ones who obtained first places in the First Chess Competition in the Children’s and Free categories that the municipal presidency , through the Municipal Sports Commission (Comude-Huanímaro), and the Chess School, organized within the commemorative framework of the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

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A great response and participation was had in this first contest which, at the same time, was a demonstration of the success that another of the eight schools is having within the Sports Initiation program that, thanks to the support provided by the municipal government, is being implemented. leading to the proposal of the owner, José Luis Martínez Soria.

The Chess School is under the coordination of Merelin García and the sports promoter, Alejandro Duran, who were responsible for the competition, which was an important exhibition of the talent in this discipline.

The contest took place in the Morelos portal, in front of the facilities of the Bicentennial House of Culture, where there was a great response, emerging prospects in this discipline who will represent the municipality in regional chess stages.

The winners of this first chess contest were, in the Children’s category, first place for Iker Durán Gen, who won the prize of one thousand pesos in cash; Second place was Ángel Uriel Hernández González, who won 500 pesos as a prize; and the third for César Enrique Martínez Santacruz, who won a chess game as a prize, these last two from Huanímaro.

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In the Free category, first place was Ulises González Delgado, from the community of La Tinaja, with a prize of one thousand; second place went to Paulino Durán, from Valle de Santiago, and third place went to Antonio González Delgado, from the La Tinaja community.

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