Public radio informs, not indoctrinates

Public radio informs, not indoctrinates
Public radio informs, not indoctrinates

November 21, 2023 – 1:14 p.m.

Sonia Luna, director of Radio Nacional Catamarca, thanked the “accompaniment towards colleagues” of one of the public media that is threatened by the announcement of privatization or a possible closure by the La Libertad Avanza government.

“The workers of our national radio stations, and what I can say about our Catamarca National Radio, are very clear that public radio stations play a crucial role in the construction of informed communities, not indoctrinated as they express” from LLA, Luna indicated. , in an interview with Radio Ancasti Central Morning.

He highlighted that public radio reflects “democratic values, diversity of voices, integration towards disabilities” in addition to the professionalization of workers. That is why uncertainty is inevitable.

He pointed out that “whoever is going to be our president as of December 10 has stressed it, the privatization of public media was part of his campaign. It is not closure, it is privatization. And the private sector will know whether to absorb people or not, whatever suits it in the destinations that it will give to the public environment.”

Along these lines, he said that he imagines that this “regularization” will also cover “the regulations of frequencies, of stations to be fair to everyone and from the private part for those that are suitable for dissemination and the work of journalists and communicators.”

Luna added that in Nacional Catamarca there are “23 people in total, where we have temporary people, permanent plants, artistic contracts” and that if an adjustment comes “it goes to all of us who make up our National Radio, not just those who have a contract.” .

For this reason, the impact is palpable among the workers because “they have given everything on this radio.”

“It is not the first time that this threat exists, it existed in times of Menemism, Macrism did it and this is a third time where we know that more than a threat it is a draft agenda that the President has.”

Aside from the stage, Luna commented that at Nacional Catamarca “we continue working, we continue communicating, generating content responsibly” because despite the threat “of a possible dismissal, people have to continue informing themselves” on the radio that reaches all points from Catamarca.

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