They exchanged dollars for pesos on the road

They exchanged dollars for pesos on the road
They exchanged dollars for pesos on the road

November 21, 2023 – 08:39

It was detected in Entre Ríos that a group of people carried out currency transactions irregularly on National Route 136. Staff of the Section “Puerto Unzue”belonging to Squadron 56 “Gualeguaychú” of the Gendarmeriethey carried out the road prevention operation on National Route No. 136, Kilometer 35.

As officially reported, they detected “identification signs” that made people boast that transactions would be taking place (Purchase/Sale) of dollars in an irregular way. Consequently, two citizens of Argentine nationality were identified in a Ford Focus vehicle, who were carrying out such a maneuver.

As a result of the search and inspection of the individuals, vehicle and search carried out in the area, the gendarmes confirmed 4,967,000 Argentine pesos; 500 Uruguayan pesos and 2,650 US dollars without legal documentation supporting its possession.

Entre Ríos: case for money laundering

Finding itself in violation of Art 303 of the Nation’s Penal Code “Money Laundering”, the Federal Court of Gualeguaychú ordered that the required actions be carried out and the money confiscated.

The citizens were released subject to the cause.


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