Training on Dengue at School No. 221 Unión Latinoamericana de San Pedro – Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, through the Directorate of School Health dependent on the Secretariat of Educational Equity, continues with training on the Dengue Prevention Project on this occasion on November 16, at School No. 221 Unión Latinoamericana in the department of San Pedro. Intended for 5th and 6th grade with a total of 38 students.

Due to the high temperature season in our province, and especially in the branch area, dengue cases are beginning to increase. This is why it is important to carry out these prevention actions and especially preventive measures, minimizing the impact of the disease, within the educational community.

In carrying out the activity, the following topics are developed: What is Dengue?, Biology of Aedes Aegypti, How is Dengue transmitted? Prevention measures that the community and citizens must execute, among other topics.

It should be noted that the School Health Directorate has been working on the problem since 2015, developing innovative activities and updating annually on the disease.


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