The Province analyzes the requests of Health Subsidy workers

The Minister of Government and Justice, Regino Amado, resumed talks this Tuesday regarding salary restructuring with the different unions in the province. On the occasion, representatives of the workers of the Institute of Welfare and Social Security of Tucumán (IPSST) They brought their requests. The inspector of the provincial social work was present, Germán Gramajo Antuz; and the Secretary of Institutional Relations, Raúl Albarracín.

The first meeting was with Andrew Jaime, General Secretary of the Union of State Unions (UGE) and General Secretary of the Tucumán Association of Pension and Social Security Employees (ATEPYSS). Then he was present Claudia Molina, deputy secretary of UPCN. Subsequently, they spoke with Karina Suarez, member of the internal board of the ATE Health Subsidy; with David Bulaciosecretary of the Employees Union of the Social Security and Social Security Institute (SEIPySS) and with Alejandro Moptytreasurer of Sutep, Social Security Institute delegation.

“Today the parity of the provincial social work has begun. We are aware of how the economic situation is, that a president who is talking about bailing out the provinces has won, but we as workers are making a proposal to seek a consensus with the Government,” said Jaime.

Along these lines, he remarked: “We have proposed taking the greatest amount or all of the advance of $40,000 to the social work worker’s base, taking into account that we have 700 employees, the smallest division in the province, which serves nearly 400,000 workers and retirees throughout the province. province and part of the northwest.”

In this sense, Jaime explained that the Executive Branch “has received the union’s request and has agreed to outline a proposal; Next week, on Monday or Tuesday, we will meet for a final proposal.”

In turn, Claudia Molina, deputy secretary of UPCN, said: “we ask to return to the occupational medicine system, to change the basis for calculating the basic salary of colleagues at the Social Security Institute. We have a salary that is for the fifth class assistant, in which there is only one employee in that condition and the rest are above the minimum level 14 category.”

“We ask for a change in the calculation base for the fifth-grade assistant for level 14, which would be essential because it affects the entire pocket of the entire staff of employees of the Social Security Institute,” Molina added. Another point focused on the administrative career of technical staff and administrative staff.

Karina Suárez, from the Internal Board of the ATE Health Subsidy, asked to “review the issue of the points in the minutes of previous agreements and some items on the salary slip. “We are going to wait for the Government’s proposals.”

In turn, Alejandro Mopty, treasurer of Sutep Social Welfare Institute delegation, thanked the new authorities for the invitation to participate in the joint meetings. “We had many coincidences regarding the spirit of the union, which is to represent the employees and as a health institution, to devote ourselves to healthy living as a state policy,” he said.

“Both with the minister and with the authorities of the institute we agree on a policy of openness and presence throughout the province with the prioritization of the subsidiaries that were practically abandoned under the previous administration,” he said and announced that they are working on opening a subsidiary in Lomas de Tafí.

David Bulacio, secretary of the Employees Union of the Social Security and Social Security Institute (SEIPySS), said: “We have decided to wait for the Government’s joint proposal, which covers until the month of January, because new negotiations begin in February. Surely, what the Ministry of Government and Justice and the Ministry of Economy and Production offer us will be satisfactory for social work employees.”




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