Assembly of teachers to define whether to accept or reject the parity – Jujuy

Assembly of teachers to define whether to accept or reject the parity – Jujuy
Assembly of teachers to define whether to accept or reject the parity – Jujuy

11/21/2023. With a proposal for a 10% increase plus the payment of an end-of-year bonus, the Executive tries to satisfy the unions, which have already indicated that salaries were at least 40% below inflation.

Almost at the end of November, unions are rushing salary negotiations to obtain improvements in line with economic needs, however, the offers from the provincial government do not meet expectations, so this Tuesday, teachers will define whether they accept or reject the joint agreements. .

After an interim period that lasted about ten days, on November 13, the Executive again convened teaching unions to inform the salary offer for the coming months: a 10% increase plus the payment of a bonus of 100 thousand pesos was the proposal, which omitted all the claims of ADEP and CEDEMS, who had presented a list of demands on November 3, a meeting in which the authorities did not make any offer.

With salaries that do not cover the basic family basket and with inflation that exceeded at least 40% below salaries, in principle, the Intergremial – which is made up of teaching unions as well as municipal, state, among others – considered the offer as insufficient , exposing not only the tiny sum of the increase (teachers pointed out that this 10% barely represents about 11 thousand pesos), but also December, January and February are months where the price increase is greatest, thus affecting the purchasing power of workers.

Despite the considerations of the union leadership, its members have the last word, so much so that after learning about the offer, the CEDEMS called an assembly at 9:30 today.

The meeting will take place after knowing the results of the ballot that declared Javier Milei the winner and which represents a challenge for the province, since the president-elect had already announced that he would eliminate co-participation, money that the Jujuy State uses largely to make versus salaries. In fact, Gerardo Morales warned that, without these resources, the salaries of the public administration from December to March would be in danger.


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