He is from Entre Ríos and will take over Victoria Villaruel’s seat

The leaders of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Nicolás Emma and María Fernanda Araujo (native of Entre Ríos) They will be the legislators who will replace in the Chamber of Deputies Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruelwho will resign to assume the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the Nation from next December 10.

The elected deputies were third and fourth on the list that competed in the 2021 elections and will complete the terms that expire on December 9, 2025.

Who are the new deputies

Nicolas Ema is a lawyer, president of Libertad Avanza Buenos Aires and was campaign manager in the 2021 elections, when that group obtained 17 percent of the votes and won two seats.

Araujo, sister of a Malvinas fighter from Entre Ríos, is a celestial activist against abortion, and campaigned with the slogan “defense of life, family and freedom.”

Carolina Píparo will also resign from her seat, taking over as head of Anses and, in her place, Karina García will take over, a leader close to the head of that group José Luis Espert and who is a reference for that party in Bahía Blanca.

Another deputy who will resign from his seat before December 9 is the elected governor of Santa Cruz Claudio Vidal, Although that place belongs to the former governor of Santa Cruz Sergio Acevedo, it is likely that he will not take office as a legislator and will stay in his province and Mónica Pereyra will take his place, parliamentary sources said, Télam published.



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