“A friendly, respectful and institutional meeting, the details of the Milei-Fernández meeting”

“A friendly, respectful and institutional meeting, the details of the Milei-Fernández meeting”
“A friendly, respectful and institutional meeting, the details of the Milei-Fernández meeting”

The first transition meeting between the president Alberto Fernandez and the elected president Javier Milei It took place today in a framework of respect and institutionality, for two and a half hours at the Quinta de Olivos. “It lasted two and a half hours. It was kind, respectful and institutional,” official sources told Noticias Argentinas.

The start of the meetings for the transfer finally took place two days after the Sunday of the elections, despite the fact that it had initially been announced for this Monday.

During the interview in the presidential palace, Fernández and Milei did a “review of the state issues” necessary to begin the transfer.

In this first approach, the libertarian did not make – according to official spokespersons – “any request for any topic.”

Among the topics discussed, a “review of the international agenda” also appeared and the work scheme of the “transition teams with links in all areas” was inaugurated towards December 10.

After this meeting, which had its official photograph on the outgoing and elected president, it is expected that the transfer will be in the hands of Milei’s designated Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, who accompanied him to the meeting, and the Vice Chief of Staff, Juan Manuel Elms.

In addition, other contacts will be established between the leaders of the different areas to be able to coordinate the change of the button panel that will occur with the inauguration on December 10.

The underground conversations prior to the meeting in Olivos

Amidst cross accusations, underground conversations were held between representatives of both sectors. Contact was also established between Julio Vitobello, Secretary General of the Presidency, and Nicolás Posse, future Libertarian Chief of Staff, as well as between the Vice Chief of Staff, Juan Manuel Olmos, and leaders of La Libertad Avanza, including Nicolás Posse and Karina Milei. , sister of the president-elect.

The first hours after the election results generated tensions between the outgoing Government and the winner of the runoff, with Sergio Massa urging the winning candidate to assume “responsibility” for the economic situation starting this week, and Milei responding that the current Government must answer for any reaction in the market until December 10.

While the meeting with Alberto Fernández was being organized, Javier Milei dedicated much of his first day as president-elect to meeting with his inner circle to define the names that will make up his Cabinet as of December 10. He announced that Mariano Cúneo Libarona will be Minister of Justice and Carolina Piparo will be in charge of ANSES. Furthermore, he confirmed to Sandra Petovello as Minister of Human Capital already Diana Mondino in charge of the Chancellery. He also mentioned the inclusion of Florencio Randazzo, LuisTotoCaputo, Federico Sturzeneggerand Luciano Laspina in key positions within your team.

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