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You have to put shampoo in the washing machine. Everyone does it and it makes a lot of sense.


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Surely put shampoo in the washing machine It seems completely crazy to you, but as soon as we tell you what it’s for, you’ll be eager to try it. The washing machine is one of the most used appliances in the home, so it is worth knowing all the tricks to get the most out of it. For its part, shampoo is a product that we all have at home and use to wash our hair.

But how can we use shampoo in the washing machine? It is a great solution for wash delicate garments such as silk and wool. It is not necessary to use the same amount as detergent, just a few drops, so it will also allow us to save a lot of money. Shampoo is great for removing stubborn stains from delicate garments in a gentle way so as not to damage fabrics.

The trick has gone viral on social networks, and the truth is no wonder, since the clothes are impeccable. In addition to removing stubborn stains, The shampoo also prevents lint and hair from sticking together.. Therefore, if this winter you have to wash a sweater or a wool coat, for example, you can replace the detergent with a few drops of shampoo.

Tips for putting the washing machine

There are many experts who consider that fabric softener is an unnecessary product. They point out that it forms a kind of silicone film on the garment that ends up deteriorating the fabrics over time.

Instead, they recommend replace it with vinegar to leave clothes soft. Vinegar works wonders because it removes grease from clothes, disinfects, deodorizes, and restores softness to fabrics thanks to its acidity.

To ensure efficient washing, it is essential that the clothes inside the drum have enough space to move freely. Therefore, we must avoid overfilling the washing machine drum.

Detergent stains or bad odors on clothing may be due to a dirty washing machine. To avoid this, it is essential to carry out a monthly cleaning of this appliance with vinegar and baking soda, two products widely used in home cleaning.

Washing clothes in cold or warm water, especially at 40°C, can be beneficial for both the life of the washing machine and the energy saving.

Uses of shampoo at home

In addition to doing laundry, shampoo is used for many other things. A wide range of alternative uses that make our lives much easier.

We can use this product to clean makeup brushes. We fill a container with warm water and add a couple of drops of shampoo. Then, we soaked the brushes and rubbed them gently with a cotton cloth. In this way, we will ensure that the makeup remains come off effortlessly and the brushes will look like new.

If the problem is that the clothes have been stained with makeup, something very common with shirt collars, the solution is very simple. Before washing the garment, we must treat the stain with a small amount of shampoo. We scrub well and put it in the washing machine.

Did you know that shampoo also works for clean the mirrors? It’s as simple as diluting a splash of shampoo in warm water and cleaning with a sponge. Then, we spread newspaper to dry, and that’s it!

Another use that we can give it is to clean jewelry, which lose shine with sweat and the passage of time. We use shampoo and hot water to let them soak for 20 minutes and then rinse with a splash of vinegar.

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