Venezuela will respond with the vote to the claims of ExxonMobil

Venezuela will respond with the vote to the claims of ExxonMobil
Venezuela will respond with the vote to the claims of ExxonMobil

During the reading of digital portals in his program “Con Maduro +”, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, referred to the recent attacks that the president of Guyana, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, has made against Venezuela and highlighted that The people will respond in a unique way on Sunday, December 3from the electoral polls.

“He is going to respond to all the provocations to ExxonMobil, the Southern Command and the president of Guyana, with his way of responding: With the massive popular vote.”

Within the framework of the consultative referendum in defense of the Essequibo territory, the national government has formed an entire strategic platform, at the head of the “Venezuela Todo Campaign Command”, to successfully carry out the process that will bear fruit on December 3.

The government of Guyana has requested before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) the suppression of the consultation, a fact that Venezuela has described as an attempt at judicial colonialism.

Furthermore, it has sought to undermine national sovereignty by spreading threats against Venezuela and seeking tricks through the Court to curtail the voice of the Venezuelan people and prevent sovereign consultation in support of Essequibo.

The Venezuelan government has denounced on several occasions and before the world the illegality that Guyana carries out with the consent of the American and British empires by illegally granting tenders in irrevocably Venezuelan waters.

In this context, the response of Venezuelans has been one of overwhelming unity.

“With the vote in the street, with conscience we are going to respond, with a single voice” to the government of Guyana, ratified President Maduro.

With information from the Presidential Press


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