More than 80 Christmas events are fine-tuned in San Juan – El Sol de San Juan del Río

More than 80 Christmas events are fine-tuned in San Juan – El Sol de San Juan del Río
More than 80 Christmas events are fine-tuned in San Juan – El Sol de San Juan del Río

For the Christmas seasonthe presentation of more than 80 eventsof which, some will be carried out by the State DIF System and others by the Municipality, with which it is intended to bring together thousands of attendees and, in turn, have a wide economic impact, established the municipal president of San Juan del Río, Roberto Carlos Cabrera Valencia and the director of Culture, Aleyda Andrés Ibarra.

They reported that this Tuesday some of what they are going to have from the SEDIF will be presented, under the coordination of the lady, Car Herrera de Kuri, confirming that the “Festival of Joy”just as in 2022, with more surprises and with hundreds of children’s movie characters.

The head of Culture mentioned that the work plan that has been authorized so far is with a budget for more than one million 650 thousand pesosalthough, he made it clear that there is the possibility of an expansion in the resources to be exercised.

“We are already working on the December activities for Culture, we expect around 80 events to be held in the Historic Center, the eastern area and some communities. The most important forums will be the Family Garden, the Tithe Portal, because we want to bring art and culture to the parks and public squares of San Juan del Río. We will be working with a budget of one million 650 thousand pesos only for December activities and it could be expanded.”

For his part, the municipal president commented that they expect this season to be of great economic benefit, for which he predicted a good end of the year for service providers in the municipality of San Juan del Río.

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He announced that the events organized by the State and Municipal Government will be disseminated so that Families can enjoy the attractions that are free and aimed at ensuring that there are no risk behaviors among the population.

Due to the above, he explained that, shortly, they will announce the details of the lighting of the Christmas tree that It will be on the esplanade of the Independence Gardenwhich will measure more than 30 meters high.

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