WOMEN plays in Puebla Capital – El Sol de Puebla

WOMEN plays in Puebla Capital – El Sol de Puebla
WOMEN plays in Puebla Capital – El Sol de Puebla

Today, as throughout the country, also in Puebla, the 4T Movement continues its course towards 2024, the year in which a decisive election will be held for the future of our country. Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, heading the National Coordination, is presented with the challenge of leading the way and giving continuity to the state vision. In Puebla, Senator Alejandro Armenta, elected by the majority of Pueblans surveyed, joins the cause to strengthen our movement and support the work of Governor Sergio Salomón.

It is fair to recognize the great work of our current Governor, who has contributed to creating an atmosphere of tranquility in the state. His focus on consensus and his political maturity have allowed everyone to have their space, working institutionally for the benefit of the people of Puebla. Our Governor has not only been a political leader, but also an exemplary human being who has prioritized the well-being of the population.

When analyzing the leadership of Sergio Salomón, it is evident that the stability and efficiency of the movement in Puebla are the result of his management. Institutionalism and attention to the needs of the population have been fundamental in his government. To value his work is to recognize that, thanks to him, the movement has become deeply rooted in the community.

With the presidency and governorship defined, we now face the election for the fourth largest city council in the country. Those of us who aspire to lead our municipality prepare to measure ourselves in surveys and demonstrate who is the most competitive candidate. Personally, I have always expressed my desire to be the next president of our municipality, and in this electoral process, gender parity emerges as an obligation rather than as a simple political game.

It is crucial to recognize that gender parity is essential in politics. For the sake of consistency, since the governorship is already occupied by a man, the presidency of the capital should be headed by a woman. More than a fee, it is an act of congruence that reflects the commitment to the women and girls of our state.

And speaking of challenges, my own path in politics comes to mind. At her time, many said that she could not be a representative, then that she could not be more than that, and she ended up being the first woman to preside over the state congress. They predicted that reelection would be political suicide, but I won my reelection when everything was lost in the capital. They told me that it was very difficult to be a single parent and today René and I form a great team, he is the driving force of everything. They said I lacked preparation without even knowing that I have two master’s degrees. They argued that because I didn’t have someone’s support or came from a family with a political tradition I wouldn’t achieve anything and here I am. They said that, because I was a woman, I had to take advantage of it and yet with dignity and respect for myself, here I remain firm and with my head held high.

With great encouragement, but full of humility, I continue to move forward, always trusting that those who work hard achieve their goals. The state capital is a big challenge, but I am sure that it is time to set a precedent and show all the women and girls of Puebla that we must fight and preserve opportunities, that equal conditions will always allow us to excel in any field, including politics.

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