Electrical storms in northern Chile are activated again this week

This week, the reactivation of storms is expected in northern Chile, after a few days of calm in that part of the country.
Viviana Urbina 11/21/2023 08:13 4 min

This week, the summer weather will show its faces throughout Chile. With high temperatures that will spread from north to south of the country, the interior of the highlands will not be left out of the more summer time regime.

What will the weather be like in Chile this week? High temperatures will be installed in several regions of the country

What will the weather be like in Chile this week? High temperatures will be installed in several regions of the country

So much so, that after several days without electrical activity in the highland interior, The storms will be activated again over the extreme northern regions of Chile.

When do storms reactivate?

Along with the southward expansion of a dorsal in heightTo leave high temperatures even in sectors of Patagonia during Friday (24th) and Saturday (25th) of this week, convective activity will reach the interior of the regions of Arica and Parinacotaof Tarapaca and also to interior sectors of the Antofagasta Region.

Starting next Friday (24th), the chances of registering thunderstorms and showers in the extreme north of Chile increases considerably.

The establishment of a high level anticyclonic circulation —the high of Bolivia— between Friday and Saturday, will give conditions for the development of storm clouds in the interior area of ​​the northernmost tip of Chile.

Weather warnings are activated with the possibility of storms

The Chilean Meteorological Directorate (DMC) issued during the afternoon of Monday (20) a notice for the north of the countrydue to the possible activation of precipitation and electrical storms.

Notice A446/2023 indicates that there would be probable thunderstorms in the mountain area of the Arica and Parinacota Regionproduct of the presence of a dorsal in height.

Weather warnings for Chile displayed on the Meteored page
You can review the current weather warnings for Chile and other countries around the world in the Meteored warnings section.

The phenomenon would preferably occur in the evening hours. The electric storms would be accompanied by isolated rainfallas indicated by the official meteorology organization in Chile.

The notice issued is valid between the afternoon of Thursday 23rd and the night of next Saturday 25th November.

What is the difference between weather warning, alert and alarm?

The Meteorological Directorate of Chile has a scale to report to the community about the different potential risks that meteorological phenomena can bring about.

color scale of meteorological warnings, alerts and alarms issued by the Meteorological Directorate of Chile
The scale used by the DMC has three levels: warning (yellow), alert (orange) and alarm (red) depending on the degree of severity of the meteorological phenomenon.

According to the information emanating from the Meteorological Directorate itself, a warning is issued when “forecast Meteorological phenomena with a degree of moderate severity, potentially risky“; the alerts are issued when “weather phenomena are forecast with a strong degree of severitywith probability of generating risks in people”.

In addition to being attentive to the official warnings from the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, we must pay attention to the measures emanating from SENAPRED.

In the case of the alarms —the highest level on the classification scale of meteorological risk—, they “forecast meteorological phenomena with a intense degree of severitywith very high potential to generate risks materials and life in people”.

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