Live: the new senators from Mendoza are sworn in

Live: the new senators from Mendoza are sworn in
Live: the new senators from Mendoza are sworn in

From 9.30, it takes place in the Senate of Mendoza the session in which half of the members of the chamber say goodbye and the new members take over.

First of all, each of the 19 members whose terms expire, took the floor and said goodbye to the body. Later, the swearing-in of the 19 new members began.

It is worth clarifying that some whose mandate expired were re-elected in the same position: Mercedes Rus, Natacha Eisenchlas and Mauricio Sat. Furthermore, the mayors who won a place in the Senatelike Marcelino Iglesias, Gustavo Soto and Walther Marcolini, they will not swear yet in the Legislature, so they do not appear on the list.


Those who leave: Aln Fernando; Baldasso Rolando; Canali Florence; Cannizzo Cecilia; Carballo Jorge; Ilardo Lucas; Juri Cecilia; Mancinelli Ernesto; Moyano Rafael; Priore Paul; Quiroga Hilda; Robles Bartolom; Rocca Anabel; Rubio Marcelo; Testa Gabriela; Violo Leonardo.

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Those who swear today: Oscar Sevilla, Marcos Quattrini, Dugar Chappel, Flix Gonzlez, David Sez, Mara Galiares, Armando Magistretti, Duilio Pezzutti, Yamel Ases, Ariel Pringles, Flavia Manoni, Mara Laura Sainz, Martn Rostand.

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