people saw the passage of the solar train

people saw the passage of the solar train
people saw the passage of the solar train

Many people from the capital of the province took the opportunity to go out to the sides of National Route No. 9 to see the passage of the train that once again runs through the northern area of ​​the province after 30 years.

As they passed, which was very slow due to the size of the trucks, honks and applause were heard.. They also took the opportunity to take photos and make some videos.

Caution on National Route No. 9

Road Safety asks drivers to be extremely cautious, reduce speed while maintaining appropriate braking distances and keep in mind the signs and instructions of the officers on the side of the road.

What will the Jujuy solar train be like?

After 30 years, the train will travel again Humahuaca. This time it will be touristy and aspires to become a benchmark in the region.

The pairs will run on lithium batteries, making panoramic tours between Volcán and Tilcara (in the first stage). It is expected that later it will extend to the city of Humahuaca.

It is estimated that the tests would begin in the first days of December and in February it would be fully operational.

The stations will be in the cities of Volcán, Tumbaya, Purmamarca, Maimará and Tilcara, where the two trains with cars arriving from China will pass. The speed will not exceed 60 kilometers per hour.

The lithium batteries are fast charging: with 25 minutes of plugging in they reach one hundred percent and give a range of 120 kilometers.

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