Unter sectionals analyze the proposed 8.3% increase for November

The different sections of Unter will carry out this Tuesday their respective assemblies to define the positions they will present in the Extraordinary Congress scheduled for Wednesday at the Roca union headquarters.

There, the salary offer announced by the Rio Negro government last Friday will be debated. It consisted of an 8.3% increase in salaries this month.

After the meeting Silvana Inostroza, general secretary of the union, indicated that with the official proposal “no salary remains below the poverty line, which was one of the issues we had been raising” and highlighted that “we have returned to an increase in percentages” that will be “by position and not by agent and again it will be in a cumulative manner that gives us a different impact.”

During that meeting with the representatives of the educational portfolio, which was held at the Ministry of Labor, the teaching sector also raised complaints about the “lack of supplies in canteens and deficiencies in school transportation in different locations in the province, as well as the creation of positions, the removal of terminality” and it was requested that «the call for a competition for admission to teaching at all levels and modalities is finalizedin pursuit of the job stability of colleagues.

In the next few hours it is expected the confirmation of the call of ATE to its plenary session of delegates, as well as the position assumed by UPCN, unions that received the same proposal as Unter.

The Rio Negro government expects a quick definition since In the next few days the settlement of salaries will begin.


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