Again, they broke a window to rob Cipolletti

History repeats itself in Cipolletti, In the early hours of this Tuesday, a commercial premises was the scene of a violent robbery. The thieves broke the store’s window and took more than 60 digital devices. The incident occurred just three blocks from the Daniell’s jewelry store, where they robbed two weeks ago.

A broken window, four men entering a store, a truck and a million-dollar robbery, the nightmare is lived once again in Cipolletti. In the early hours of today, Tuesday, a commercial establishment located in the center of the city was the victim of a violent robbery.

It’s about the Pardo appliance store, located at Belgrano 232. Four men traveling in a vanthey broke the glass of the entrance door to the premises in order to steal digital devices. This happened after 4 in the morning.

María de los Angeles Torres, Pardo’s commercial manager at Cipolletti, He spoke with LU19 about the incident: «I came to the premises as soon as the alarm sounded, the Police arrived with me and a glass was broken. They took a fairly important loot because they are the majority of the cell phones that were on display. We haven’t finished auditing yet, but at first glance they were between 60 cell phones, a couple of televisions that were in glass and an audio system,” he explained.

He also highlighted that the robbery was similar to that of the jewelry store, while one waited in the truck, three others entered the premises to steal. The staff of the Fourth police station in Cipolletti works at the scene carrying out the first tests. In principle, the entrance door would have been broken with an element that is still unknown.

They robbed the Pardo de Cipolletti appliance store. Photo: courtesy (Edgardo Pino)

Another time, they broke a window to rob Cipolletti: This was recorded on the security cameras

The robbery occurred this morning in a commercial establishment on Belgrano Street. This was recorded by the security cameras of another business.

In the video You can see how three subjects got out of the truck to break the window and entered the premises. Meanwhile, the driver waited in the vehicle. In less than a minute, the thieves carried out the maneuver.

According to him According to the person in charge of the premises, the subjects took more than 60 cell phones along with other electronic devices.. The robbery was worth millions.

Robbery at a jewelry store in Cipolletti: they broke the window with a truck

Two weeks ago, the Daniels jewelry store located in Spain street of Cipolletti He was the protagonist of a peculiar robbery. According to images recorded by security cameras, The thieves attempted to break the jewelry store’s gate before opting to use a late-model van to force entry.

In this way, and despite the fact that the jewelry store’s alarms began to sound, the thieves managed to take a considerable amount of valuable merchandise from the front of the store as detailed by the owner of the premises. In addition, he alerted other merchants about the repeated incidents of insecurity that occur in Cipolletti.

The cameras inside the jewelry store recorded the robbery. Four of the five thieves entered the store with bags and took the merchandise from the displays. In less than 90 seconds, the robbery was complete and they fled in the van that was waiting for them outside.

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