News Rio Negro – Today the disinfestation begins in Viedma

News Rio Negro – Today the disinfestation begins in Viedma
News Rio Negro – Today the disinfestation begins in Viedma

In anticipation of the summer season today, Tuesday, November 22, disinfestation operations begin at 10 p.m. in the neighborhoods: Lavalle, Mi Bandera, Patagonia, Alvarez Guerrero, Nehuen, April 22, March 30 and Esperanza.

It is recommended to keep the windows closed and leave pets inside the house or yard to prevent them from having direct contact with the machine and tractor.

If the weather permits, the tour schedule will continue through different sectors and neighborhoods of Viedma in the Parque Independencia, Las Flores, and Gobernador Castello neighborhoods.

The product used during the procedures is Cypermethrin, it is formulated for both crawling and flying insects and has a high power of action on them, its residual power lasting between three and four weeks. Likewise, it is important to clarify that in relation to other insecticides and with their proper application, the toxicity for animals and humans is zero.

The Schedule will be communicated through the social networks and official media of the Municipality of Viedma, since it may undergo alterations depending on weather conditions in search of greater efficiency in the procedures.

It should be noted that this procedure is not effective for the prevention of dengue. For this reason, the population is asked to avoid having pots, covers and other disused elements outside their homes that generate water accumulation. It is also recommended to change them accordingly. recurrence of water from their animals.

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