After Milei’s victory, a businessman returned to the country, promises to create jobs and asks his colleagues to do the same

After Milei’s victory, a businessman returned to the country, promises to create jobs and asks his colleagues to do the same
After Milei’s victory, a businessman returned to the country, promises to create jobs and asks his colleagues to do the same

Mauro Stendel with his suitcase on his return to the country

The outcome of the runoff last Sunday was what Mauro Stendel He was waiting to make his decision. From the Unión por la Patria bunker, the official candidate accepted his defeat and announced that the elected president was Javier Milei. He heard the news from Miamiwhere he has been based since 2018 and his determination was immediate: with this result, then I would live in Argentina again.

This was promised by the successful entrepreneur dedicated to digital businesses – who created up to 100 virtual stores on platforms such as Amazon and Marketplace – at the beginning of the campaign, when he emphasized his libertarian activism. However, when it was confirmed that it would be the libertarian who would take over the government on December 10, Stendel raised the bar and He also encouraged his colleagues to return to the country.

His idea was communicated through social networks, where he has more than a million followers. “Prepare your CVs”, he wrote in a post in which he said that his intention is come to hire staff and encourage economic growth.

The post of his return to Argentina

In dialogue with Infobae He noted: “I assured that if I won, I was going to return to the country to bet on him. I do it because I am convinced that the future of Argentina with a liberal government is immense. And I am convinced that If taxes go down, “If they take those of us who really work and provide jobs, the bottom of our heads, there is no roof.”

Under the motto #QueVuelvanAll, which alludes to and seeks a contrast with the famous “let them all leave” installed in the protests against the political class in the 2001 crisis, Stendel extended a request to other businessmen like him.

“Now I want everyone to turn around. I made a hashtag on Twitter so that everyone who, like me, had to go abroad in search of opportunities, would come back. I am convinced that without Kirchnerism Argentina has no roof. But for that We need those who work and invest to believe again“, explained to this medium who took a plane to Buenos Aires the day after the elections.

Mauro Stendel, the businessman who returns to the country for Milei

In this sense, he added that his employee search plan will be launched soon. He will contact staff to join his university, the NUM (New University of Magnates), which is dedicated to business and seeks to train successful entrepreneurs.

“I arrived a while in the morning and we are already looking for profiles to join the NUM team. And obviously continue educating those who want to work and recover the future“, emphasized the young man. On one of his first stops, he went to a cafe in Palermo and left the tip in dollars.

Mauro Stendel went to Palermo and left his tip in dollars

Stendel gained notoriety some time ago when he sent 256 shovels to the National Congress to ask legislators to “get to work.” He sent the tool to all national deputies except for Javier Milei. His explanation was “because fighting lefties is a full-time job.” Furthermore, within the framework of his activism for the now elected president, he also placed libertarian statues both at the Central Bank and in the vicinity of Casa Rosada.

“I believe in Javier from the first time I saw him on television, that he was there facing the defenders of privileges. In 2021 we did two live shows on Instagram and I put myself at your disposal to end the Kirchnerist catastrophe. It was achieved and for me it is a great pride. And that’s why, since I’m a man of words, I’m here to support the country that wants to move forward,” Stendel concluded about his admiration for the new head of state.

The shovels sent by Stendel to the National Congress

Javier Milei will be the next president of the Nation after having surpassed Sergio Massa in the runoff election on Sunday, November 19. With a very good result in the interior of the country -especially in the provinces of Mendoza (71% of the votes) and Córdoba (74.14%)-, the economist won the vote comfortably with a broader result than the surveys had predicted in the previous days.

At 8:10 p.m., almost 50 minutes before the time announced for the dissemination of official data, Massa took the stage set up in Complex C of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita to acknowledge defeat and congratulate the new head of state. “The Argentines chose another path and starting tomorrow the responsibility of giving guarantees about the political, social and economic functioning falls on the president-elect,” he assured. Ten minutes later the counting numbers began to flow. With 99.26% of the tables surveyed, Milei obtained 55.69% of the votes, almost 12 points more than her rival, who totaled 44.31%.

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