After Javier Milei’s victory, the reaction of a father who went through the worst

After the results of the historic runoff On Sunday the 19th, Musse expressed, in a moving post, his gratitude to the people. “Thank you people for waking up, thank you all for choosing change. Never again these sons of bitches. Let’s fight for our rights, for the thousands of Argentines who did not have them, for your daughter, for fair Justice. I hug you, I know you are with us,” she said on Facebook.

Last August 21 marked three years since the death of Solange, her daughter who died of cancer in a clinic in Córdoba, who was not allowed to say goodbye to her father.

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The long road of Justice

Since then, all the judicial paths they took to do justice for her still do not offer an answer. The Supreme Court does not issue a ruling on a file that was dormant a year and a half ago and denounces the VIP party that was held in Olivos to celebrate the birthday of President Alberto Fernández’s wife, while millions of Argentines remained locked in their homes by an exceptional DNU that overwhelmed all their rights and constitutional guarantees. Solange’s father accompanies this collective complaint.

There is also no sentence in the case that he initiated against the officials who prevented him from saying goodbye to his daughter when Musse traveled from Neuquén to Córdoba.. Without counting the other scandalous revelation that put the magnifying glass on the partner of the current governor Omar Gutiérrez, on the occasion of a trip to Spain in the middle of quarantine.

However, and despite all the obstacles and judicial twists, Musse does not lose hope of getting Justice for his daughter and a little comfort for him and his family.

Pablo and Solange Musse, a case that moved due to its drama during the pandemic.

Pablo and Solange Musse, a case that moved due to its drama during the pandemic.


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