Fidel Castro, a life dedicated to the Revolution

Fidel Castro, a life dedicated to the Revolution
Fidel Castro, a life dedicated to the Revolution

Havana-. In his long life of 90 years, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, left Cubans and the rest of the world his rich legacy as a tireless revolutionary, statesman and defender of internationalism, among other values ​​that he upheld.

Maker of a revolution of the humble, by the humble and for the humble, the creative work of Fidel Castro transcends beyond the seas.

As this November 25 commemorates the seventh anniversary of his death, in various latitudes organizations in solidarity with Cuba, institutions and residents in general highlight his thought as humanist and intellectual.

Also in his homeland, tribute is paid with respect to the undefeated leader, who at a very young age led the deeds of the assault on the Moncada Barracks, the Granma Yacht and the armed struggle in the Sierra Maestra, which led to the triumph of the Revolution on December 1. January 1959.

Sensitized to the problems of the world, since the aforementioned dawn, the Cuban leader, a Martian by conviction, made possible the selfless help to various towns by sending brigades of teachers and doctors, among other specialists, to intricate places. As a statesman, Fidel Castro was seen standing on platforms such as the United Nations, defending the right of the peoples of the Third World to be free, independent and to develop without ties to wealth-spoliating capitalism.

Becoming a revolutionary who reinterprets reality and rejects all dogma, Fidel Castro reflected his patrimonial vocation by expressing in a Congress of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba that culture is the first thing that must be saved.

As the renowned historian, now deceased Eusebio Leal, said, Fidel Castro not only worshiped the truth, but also informed himself, studied, got to know the world, and that is why he survived the universal revolution; he made his own and saw it in every stage of his story.

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