Conaf and the El Niño effect in Los Ríos: forest fires will have more combustible material | National

Conaf and the El Niño effect in Los Ríos: forest fires will have more combustible material | National
Conaf and the El Niño effect in Los Ríos: forest fires will have more combustible material | National

The National Forestry Corporation (Conaf) confirmed the formation of nine brigades to combat the forest fire season in the Los Ríos region. In addition, 113 technically and psychologically trained brigade members were designated for such purposes.

After being consulted by Radio Bío Bíothe regional director of the organization, Arnoldo Shibar, acknowledged that The spring rains associated with the El Niño Phenomenon will generate more fuel material.

“These late rains are going to involve an increase in vegetation, circumstances that when high temperatures come with the wind, it is likely to dry out and there will be a lot of fuel available,” he indicated.

Due to the above, the Seremi of Agriculture, Jorge Sánchezhe announced that Maximum temperatures could reach 40 degrees in summer.

“The change that we are going to have with the climatic condition throughout the coming summer, It is predicted by data that Conaf has given us. They assure that in “January and February we will have temperatures above 40° degrees”accurate.

Along with it, the regional director of Senapred, Daniel Epprechtalso stated that The summer season would probably be dry in terms of thermal conditions.

“The different meteorological organizations have indicated that It is most likely that this summer we will have higher than normal temperatures as well as minimum temperatures. Therefore, this season will probably be a dry season“, he pointed.

Protection in communes due to forest fires in Los Ríos

In turn, the seremi of Public Works, Nuvia Peraltacommented that The protection of populated centers will have the installation of 141 linear kilometers of firebreaks; mainly in four communes in the region.

“There are four communes that are identified, which are the ones that have greater number of linear meters of firebreak and are also more prone, due to anthropogenic factors, to the occurrence of fires. Those communes are: Mariquina, Corral, Valdivia and La Unión”, express.

Besides, the presidential delegate, Carla Peña He commented that this preventive action was added to what was previously carried out in sectors that were affected last season by forest fires.

“Preventive actions were generatedwe did training through the program Prepared Communities that imparts “Conaf”he stated.

Finally, The agencies confirmed the increase in resources to confront the fires. This from the training of brigade members, mobile equipment – whether bulldozers, skidders and tank trucks – to software equipment for early detection to identify wind variables or relative air humidity; added to the contribution of the private and academic sector.

Notably, From December 1, a helicopter for the region will be stationed at the Las Marías airfield, indicated the director of Conafto which Another one from a private company and an Air Tractor plane will be added.

On the same date burning will be prohibitedthe authorities calling on the community to apply the protection measures and coordination actions that incorporate the municipalities.

The reporting phone number for forest fires is 130.

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