“Milei must disarm the repressive microclimate” | Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez, national representative for Buenos Aires

“Milei must disarm the repressive microclimate” | Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez, national representative for Buenos Aires
“Milei must disarm the repressive microclimate” | Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez, national representative for Buenos Aires

In dialogue with Buenos Aires/12the national deputy Alejandro Rodríguez warns about the possible combination of conflict of powers and repression that could be generated, based on the recent messages of the president-elect and calls to “disarm the repressive microclimate that is beginning to be generated.”

Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez from Tandil is a national representative for the province of Buenos Aires for the Federal Consensus force. For two years, in addition, he has presided over the federal interbloc, made up of deputies from other provinces. The “Mole”, as he is affectionately called in the chamber, is a political scientist, master and professor in Public Policy, so he knows well the functioning of the State, an asset that is beginning to become especially valuable at this time.

This Tuesday morning, Rodríguez tweeted and posted on his profile a text titled “TOWARDS LEGAL INSECURITY WITH REPRESSION,” in which he stated that “a few hours after being elected,JMilei”> @JMilei has been advancing some decisions that he will adopt upon assuming the Presidency. He has already committed to repeal the Rental Law, which has only been in effect for a month. It is evident that he wants to repeal it because he does not like it, since in one month he will not You can have a real evaluation of its results and impacts. If he tried to repeal it by decree and without the participation of Congress, he would enshrine legal uncertainty from the beginning of his government. The signal would be very clear: the laws that the President does not like, will be eliminated by presidential decision.” As if this were not enough, he adds that “in that context, Milei has already opened the umbrella of repression: “they may end up creating a delicate situation in the street,” he warned. According to what he confessed, he is already working withjorgemacri”> @jorgemacri and “with the person in charge of security issues”, to “maintain order in the streets”.

–Are you worried about the comings and goings regarding the transition and Milei’s statements regarding what happens between now and December 10?

–Not really. I understand that this is part of the usual pyrotechnics of politics and should not be given greater significance. Argentina does not have any protocol or regulations that indicate how this should be done, so neither the acting president has to receive orders or proposals from the elected president nor is the elected president obliged to get involved in executive issues. I think there is no need to dramatize. For now, we are facing a change of government, as so many times in democracy, except that the incoming government announces public policies of the opposite nature. But Milei is a politician, he is part of the political system, he is not from outside. First he decided to compete for a seat, he was elected deputy, then he wanted to be president.

–And what is it that worries you?

–For Milei and Macri, repression is an option. They both already warned it. Milei had contacts with Jorge Macri’s security people, according to him, “to maintain order in the streets.” That this happens so soon and is also made public is a very powerful signal in political terms. Mauricio Macri said something similar. He said that Milei is supported by a nucleus of “young revolutionaries” who are not going to allow their opportunity to be stolen… It is a dangerous discourse. We must ask the president-elect, respectfully, to dismantle the repressive climate that was created in the last day and a half.

–Why did you put it together?

–Milei announced a series of measures, including the privatization of YPF and public companies in general, which require parliamentary majorities that it does not have. We will have to see if and how she gets them, but that will surely take time. None of this can be done by decree of necessity and urgency, because it would be null and void and would violate legal security. I doubt that anyone would dare to invest under those conditions. In that case, the same thing would happen that happened with Macri when he added two judges to the supreme court by decree: he would have to back down and it would be a bad sign when it comes to starting a government. The last thing an incoming government needs is a conflict between two powers, in this case, between the executive and the legislative. It would create a climate of uncertainty and legal insecurity. The combination of both things, legal insecurity and threat of repression, even before taking office, is most worrying and we must ask that they reconsider it.

–In the case of YPF, what would the deputies of the oil provinces do if Milei actually sells the State’s share package?

–It’s not just about the deputies and senators. Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Mendoza have permanent representation on the YPF board. Other hydrocarbon provinces have rotating directors. The decision will also go through them. And the promise to end the co-participation between the nation and the provinces is even more impracticable. Which congressman is going to vote to cut funds to his own province? What provincial legislature is going to subsequently endorse such a decision?

–So you are not going to fulfill any of your electoral contract? What would happen then, not at an institutional level but at a political level?

–It is your sole responsibility. If he overdrawn himself, if he promised unfulfillable things, he will have to be accountable to his constituents. At least a month ago, when after the general elections he agreed to the runoff, he knew that he had an important chance of being elected president. So he had time to redesign his government platform, to review his plans and work teams. Whether he did it or not, I don’t know, but I insist: it is his sole responsibility.

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