II Computer Cybersecurity Conference begins in Cienfuegos

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The II Computer Cybersecurity Conference began this Monday in Cienfuegos with a meeting on protection in electronic and virtual operations that involved workers from the Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC), a space chosen by the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba (UIC). in the province, as headquarters for the launch of this day.

The extension of banking and encouraging the efficient use of banking services, currently with multiple accesses to more accessible electronic transactions, also makes the client more responsible for each operation to be carried out. Implementing essential measures is the way to take care of personal information, bank accounts and money; Hence the importance of banks in educational actions to promote cybersecurity.

Participating in the event, in addition to the bank workers, are Gisela Díaz García, provincial president of the UIC, Sahilí Laramendi Cardoso, main specialist of the security office for computer networks in the province, Mónica Sanchez Roca, provincial director of Bandec in Cienfuegos and president of the UIC base delegation in this center; as well as members of this grassroots section and workers from the provincial leadership.

“It is no coincidence that the Second Cybersecurity Conference begins in the provincial leadership of Bandec Cienfuegos, since the integrity of its members and the educational work carried out on the subject makes us join their program to celebrate it,” explains Gisela Díaz García.

During the meeting, information is offered related to the internal work and care of networks and programs, the operation of virtual services, and in general the security measures to apply—even by the youngest members of the family—in the use of devices. electronic; in addition to communicating the activities to be carried out by Bandec affiliates during this period, where, as is customary, they will exchange with students from the Rafael Espinosa Basic Secondary School.

The president of the UIC takes advantage of the space to report on the program designed by this organization. “Among the activities to be carried out from November 20 to 30, in addition to talks and educational exchanges in institutions, on Friday the 24th starting at 9:00 AM, on the portals of the Provincial Museum located in the surroundings of José Martí Park, we will be holding a technology fair, a space to continue encouraging education and security in banking, as well as providing antivirus, information on free software and cybersecurity.”

One click may be enough to access the information, goods or services that are needed, but the success, correct use of technology and the multiple advantages that can be obtained will depend on your responsibility. Take care and make passwords stronger, do not share personal information, do not trust, educate yourself and your children about cybersecurity.

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