Cienfuegos expresses support for Palestine

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The town of Cienfuegos, about 250 kilometers from Havana, joined the cause for the freedom of Palestine this Tuesday, in a popular event in which representatives of civil society participated.

The massive event in the José Martí park, in the Urban Historical Center of Cienfuegos, repudiated the war crime that Israel has committed against Palestine since last October 7, with the attack on civilians and vital sectors such as hospitals, food caravans or energy sources.

At this moment, a genocide is being committed against the Palestinian people, caused by the expansionist policy of the Israeli government and with the military support of the United States and Europe.

To date, more than five thousand minors have died in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on October 7, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

According to official figures, more than 12,200 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Strip since the beginning of the new cycle of violence, including 5,000 minors, 3,250 women and 690 elderly people, while the number of injured exceeds 29,500.

In the wake of Israel’s ongoing war against the Palestinian territories, the governments of Bahrain, Bolivia, Belize and Jordan have severed diplomatic relations with Israel. Colombia, Chile and Honduras, for their part, have also acted and have called their respective ambassadors in the country for consultations.

Currently Palestine has recognition and bilateral relations with 139 countries, but is not officially recognized as a State before the United Nations, and the countries that recognize an entity of Palestine do so through the Palestinian Autonomous Government, led by Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. .

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