La Rioja once again demands the “urgent” convocation of the Conference of Presidents

The investiture of Pedro Sánchez and the formation of his new cabinet has not shelved the demands of the Government of La Rioja to that of Spain nor reduced the intensity of their demands. Among them, the holding of a Conference of Presidents in which those responsible for each community convey their needs to the head of the central Executive to articulate an equitable distribution of resources between the different territories.

The spokesman for the regional Executive, Alfonso Domínguez, reiterated this Tuesday in this sense to the Government of Spain “which is no longer in office” the request of the Rioja president, Gonzalo Capellán, to convene “urgently” the conclave designed for them to take part officially the different presidents. Furthermore, and among the most important issues to be discussed at that meeting, La Rioja understands that there is the need to establish new railway frequencies between Logroño and Madrid.

Domínguez thus responded to questions from journalists after the Government Council press conference. Regarding the first issue, the spokesperson explained that it is not an exclusive claim of La Rioja. “The first thing Sánchez must do is convene the Conference of Presidents that has been requested by Capellán but also by other regional presidents,” he noted, adding: “There are serious issues that require its urgent convening.”

“Get down to work”

On the other hand, and after analyzing the composition of the Government and the different portfolios, Domínguez reported that the Riojan councilors “will see which are the most urgent matters that must be addressed.” He advanced that, in any case and above all, the improvement of connections stands out.

“Since the beginning of the legislature we have a very clear request to the Government of Spain, which is the establishment of new railway frequencies between Logroño and Madrid,” he stated, adding that there is no room for delay. “It is time to get to work on this request because it would end one of the largest deficits in this community that weakens our economic and social growth,” the government spokesperson stressed.


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