The splicing process formally began, there were announcements

The splicing process formally began, there were announcements
The splicing process formally began, there were announcements

In a formal ceremony, the process of joining up between the outgoing administration of Andrés Fabián Hurtado and the elected mayor, Johana Ximena Aranda Rivera, began.

The coordinators together with the secretaries and managers of decentralized entities of the Mayor’s Office of Ibagué formally presented themselves to prepare reports on management statuswhich will serve as route for the next four years.

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“There are going to be two weeks in which we are going to be working hand in hand. Really appreciating the exercise you have done. That this work that they have done under the coordination of Dr. Leónidas, who is the coordinator of the team that they have been studying and guaranteeing that this exercise is carried out in the terms and the objective of delivering information, is received in the best way. which is going to be the path to be able to build the next four years of Government,” said the elected mayor, Johana Aranda.

They join his cabinet

The elected mayor announced three new members of her government cabinet.

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The lawyer and journalist Edward Amaya Márquez will be the next Government Secretaryhas extensive experience in this portfolio since in the period from 2008-2011 he was in charge of the Government Secretariat and served as Ad Hoc Manager of the Ibagué Financing and Promotion Institute, Infibagué.

He is a university professor in the area of ​​Law, a political and judicial reporter for national and regional media. He has a specialization in political science with an emphasis on Government, knowledge and practice of urban security strategies, with studies in criminal law and administrative law.

Likewise, Aranda announced to the hiring manager “After reviewing resumes, knowledge, experience and suitability, we have selected Dr. María Margarita Rueda as the new head of hiring for Ibagué, and Dr. Patricia Osorio as the new legal head, a woman with extensive experience. experience and a great resume,” said Aranda.

Although officially, the president has not appointed Érika Palma as manager of the Ibaguereña Aqueduct and Sewer Company, Ibal, her name is rumored to be ratified in this position. Likewise, the engineer Diego Fernando Herrán would also be part of her official cabinet.


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