Regions with warnings of possible thunderstorms

Regions with warnings of possible thunderstorms
Regions with warnings of possible thunderstorms

The Chilean Meteorological Directorate (DMC) issued a warning for probable electric stormswhich will affect the extreme north of the country and will continue until the weekend.

Furthermore, it is expected that there are showers in several northern regions in the coming days.

This information is issued because Meteorology details that this has a moderate degree of severity, which can be potentially risky for the population.

Regions with warnings of possible thunderstorms. Reference photo.

The warning for probable electrical storms issued by Meteorology is for the Arica and Parinacota Regionwhich will begin in the afternoon of this Thursday 23rd and will continue until the night of Saturday 25th November. The affected areas correspond to the mountain sectors.

According to the Meteored portal, in addition to the meteorological phenomenon, showers will add to the extreme north of Chile, due to the presence of a high ridge that is located in the national plateau. Storms will occur preferably in the afternoon-night hours.

The rains could also reach the regions of Tarapacá and the interior sectors of Antofagasta.

Regions with warnings of possible thunderstorms. Photo:

In these cases, Senapred has security measures for the population to consider at the time of an electrical storm:

  • Stay at home. Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid outdoor activities.
  • Do not use metal objects such as fishing rods, canes, among others, since metals are good electrical conductors.
  • Avoid proximity to metal bars, fences and electrical and/or telephone lines.
  • If you are in open countryside, avoid taking shelter under isolated trees.
  • Do not come into contact with swimming pools, rivers, lakes or sea. Avoid wet areas.
  • If you are in a vehicle, stay inside with the engine off, without radio antenna and with windows closed.
  • Turn off cell phones, portable radios and GPS devices.


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