reduce irrigation to save water

reduce irrigation to save water
reduce irrigation to save water

Mayor Jorge recognized the seriousness of the situation by pointing out that the city must join all initiatives related to care and savings. “Water is a necessary good and when facing such notable water stress, a product of climate change that is now manifesting in Jujuy, we observe how the water courses that would normally have a respectable flow in November are not present, as is the case of Xibi Xibi,” he said.

In this context, he urged citizens to show solidarity with the water supplier company and take strict measures to take care of this vital resource. In addition, he announced that the municipality will implement controls to contribute to the preservation of water, focusing on aspects such as the maintenance of green spaces and the responsible use of public fountains.

Irrigation reduction

Guillermo Marenco, Secretary of Public Services, detailed some of the measures adopted in response to the water emergency. “ We have reduced the frequency of irrigation in all green spaces, roundabouts and we have reduced the operation of the fountain pumps by half.. We have also adjusted the irrigation frequency of Parque San Martín to once a week to preserve the limited flow of water available to the city,” he explained.

The official highlighted that this effort is not exclusive to the municipality, since a call is made for the collaboration of all neighbors. More intensive savings practices are urged to be adopted, such as cleaning sidewalks without the use of water and limiting washing, while temporary measures are expected to alleviate the situation until the arrival of possible rains in the coming days.

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