Russian Interior Minister arrives in Cuba for police cooperation

Russian Interior Minister arrives in Cuba for police cooperation
Russian Interior Minister arrives in Cuba for police cooperation

The Minister of the Interior of Russia, Vladimir Kolokoltsevarrived this Tuesday in Havana, where he will meet with Cuban authorities to discuss matters of police cooperationaccording to Russian media.

A very brief note published by the state television network Russia Today (RT)which quotes the Ministry spokesperson, Irina Volkstates that Kolokóltsev “will hold a series of meetings with officials of the Caribbean country, during which issues of security will be addressed. police cooperation between both nations”.

His agenda also includes visits to the Fidel Castro Ruz Center and the Mausoleum of the Soviet Internationalist Soldier.

The official Cuban press remains silent on the presence in Cuba of the Russian Interior Ministerwho was received by senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and Russian diplomats.

The visit is part of the fluid exchange between the Russian and Cuban authorities, as part of the rise of relations between the Havana regime and its Kremlin ally.

Last May the Minister of the Interior of Cuba, Major General Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, visited Moscowwhere he held a meeting with the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushevwithin the framework of the XI International Conference of High Representatives for Security Affairs, in which he also participated Venezuela.

At the end of August, a scandal was uncovered based on revelations about the participation of Cubans in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Days later, the Cuban regime announced the arrest of 17 people allegedly linked to the recruitment of Cuban mercenaries at the service of Russia.

While, the Kremlin denied involvement in the recruitment of Cubans to join the Russian army in the war in Ukraine, although he admitted that it may be that citizens are “self-organizing” through social networks.

On the issue of cooperation between both governments, it was recently learned that the regime of Vladimir Putin destination 410.8 million rubles (about four million dollars) to the Russian-Cuban Regional Rescue and Fire Training Center, located in Havana.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova He reported at the beginning of October that his government was acquiring specialized machinery and equipment, as part of the commitment to humanitarian support to Cuba.

In 2019, The Russian government gave the Cuban regime five police trucks for the transfer of prisonerswith a value of more than 553,000 dollars (36.1 million rubles).

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