How much is it trading this Tuesday after Milei’s victory in the runoff?

On the first exchange day after the ballot, in which Javier Milei won, andl dollar blue increased strongly in the new political scenario, in the midst of an announced devaluation and with dollarization as the final horizon, according to the president-elect’s platform.

This Tuesday, Local markets reopened with expectations focused on the behavior of the official dollar and its parallel variants.

In the case of the blue dollar, the increase after 4 p.m. is 125 pesos, which places it at 1,075 pesos per unit in the parallel market (on Friday it had closed at 950 pesos).

The Central Bank continues this Tuesday with the regime of slight daily devaluations (crawling peg), gradually increasing the price of the official dollar. So, The wholesale dollar rises 0.61% to $356.10, while the reference price in the retail segment stands at $373.93, which represents an advance of 0.64%.

This Tuesday, Argentine stocks and bonds once again experienced a day of euphoria in New York, given the announcements of privatizations of companies such as YPF and different conditions for foreign companies. Expectations focused on how Milei’s economic policies will influence the country’s financial stability.


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