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During the inauguration of the Congress of Everyday Justice, through Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution, which They constitute one of the fundamental pillars for there to be peace and legality in the communities, The governor, Mauricio Kuri González, assured that in Querétaro we pride ourselves on raising the quality of our justice.

“I am sure that the results of this congress will take Querétaro to a higher level in terms of justice, where each citizen will find an effective and personalized tool to resolve their conflicts. In addition, it will allow us to consolidate justice of excellence and example at the national level.”he pointed out.

During his message at the Querétaro Congress Center (QCC), Kuri González highlighted that the state’s justice system is one of the most recognized nationally and there is a commitment to build an environment where it is truly inclusive and accessible to all.

In this vein, he explained that the Center for Social Prevention of Crime and Violence has set the goal of promoting a culture rooted in the values ​​of peace, legality, crime prevention, and above all, absolute respect for the human rights of the citizens.

To this end, he said, significant steps have been taken towards the consolidation of everyday justice, through alternative mechanisms, among which the permanent training of police personnel in mediation techniques.

He pointed out that equipping agents with skills based on the peaceful resolution of conflicts has made it possible to strengthen the exercise of justice that adapts to the needs of the population.

Furthermore, he mentioned that prepared the Police Operation Guide for the Function of Everyday Justicea document that he placed in the hands of the police, and that marks an important step on the path towards more accessible and equitable justice.

This document, conceived by committed experts, will be a compass of action for our proximity agents, fundamental actors within the Civic Justice Model in our state”he stressed.

Mauricio Kuri thanked the active participation of everyone present at the event, which contributes to continuing to build a more just, peaceful and prosperous Querétaro for everyone.

When speaking, the Public Policy advisor, Juan Martín Granados Torres, recalled that the Governor He promised to do what was necessary so that the people of Queretaro could live without fearand his words, he noted, became the design and implementation of the crime and violence prevention strategy.

He said that actions such as the bill that he presented to the Legislative Branch and that created the Center for Social Prevention of Crime and Violence, have given meaning to his political will.

Regarding the Police Operation Guide for the Daily Justice Function, he explained that it is an exercise in transparency, because after its dissemination Querétaro residents will be able to have clarity about the police function, to benefit conflict management and achieve coexistence based on citizens’ conviction that it is better to resolve their differences through dialogue.

“As of this date, all the corporations that make up the Querétaro police have a document that supports and describes the actions of the community police officer as guarantor of the human right to daily justice,” he pointed out.

At the time, the director of the Center for Social Prevention of Crime and Violence in the State, Sonia Colín Aboytes, explained that everyday justice is a response to problems such as excessive noise, garbage in the street or open hoses, day-to-day conflicts. , which if not treated can lead to other crimes.

Finally, the president of the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Felipe Fernando Macías Olvera, distinguished Querétaro as a land of respect for laws, regulations, the Constitution and institutions. He indicated that the work currently being done in the state, in which Police officers are indispensable agents of social harmony and communication.being mediators and teaming up with the prosecutor’s offices, becomes the route to stop any criminal act.

It is worth mentioning that within the framework of the ceremony, the Governor of Querétaro delivered the Police Operation Guide for the Daily Justice Function to representatives of police institutions of the municipalities of the entity.

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