Pachacámac: PNP intervened in a country house and arrested around thirty alleged criminals

At the scene, law enforcement found Firearms And till war grenades. General Jorge Angulo, general commander of the PNP, said he hopes that the suspects will not be released.

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A bunker for an alleged criminal organization would operate in the country house. | Source: RPP

Strike on crime. Agents of the National Police This morning they intervened a country house, located on Prolongación Parca Avenue, in the district of Pachacamacwhere a bunker of an alleged foreign criminal organization would operate.

In dialogue with the press, the PNP general Jorge Angulogeneral commander of the National Police, reported that around thirty foreign citizens were detained at the scene, most of them without identification documents.

“They have already reduced them, we are in the middle of the identification process; and we are here to encourage our guys from the Criminal Investigation Division,” declared the high command.

“This is a bunker, an operations center, a place where there is a concentration of foreign citizens, without identification. (…) The Police have done their work effectively, efficiently,” she stated.

The PNP general reported that firearms and even war grenades were found inside the field house, as well as various vehicles.

Invocation to judicial authorities

Jorge Angulo He said he hoped that the arrested suspects would not be released by the justice authorities, remembering what happened to foreign citizens who were raided on a previous occasion.

“Let’s hope it’s not like last time, when there were a large number of foreign citizens (intervened) and they were later released. (…) We hope they go to jail,” he said.

The high command avoided giving details about the origin of the firearms or whether those seized belonged to any foreign criminal organization; limiting itself to saying that everything is still under investigation.

“There are individuals who have even fired shots at the Police. It is not a recreation center. There are armed people, there are hitmen, gunmen, murderers,” he warned.


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