Assembly approves budget of $2.8 billion for Bolívar in 2024 | THE UNIVERSAL

Assembly approves budget of $2.8 billion for Bolívar in 2024 | THE UNIVERSAL
Assembly approves budget of $2.8 billion for Bolívar in 2024 | THE UNIVERSAL

In the last session of the Departmental Assembly of Bolívar, the Secretary of Agriculture, Seguido Malca de Arco, presented detailed progress in several productive projects. Among the highlights is the construction of the Fair Coliseum in Magangué with a progress of 32.7%, the planting of 250 hectares of corn for the production of silage for bovine food supplement, and 100% technical support to improve the dairy competitiveness. Read also: The “Bolívar Plan” begins to promote housing and basic sanitation

Malca de Arco also shared the projected budget for 2024, which amounts to $2 billion. Of this amount, $1.5 billion is allocated to the “Technology to the field” component and $500 million to “From the field to the market.” Among the projects planned for next year, the strengthening of the supply of agricultural machinery stands out, with an allocation of $5,604 million, and the support for small livestock farmers affected by climate change with the supply of silo, which will receive $1,315 million.

However, the presentation was not without criticism. Deputies Juan Puente and Jorge Rodríguez expressed their discontent with the budget allocation, arguing that in the past the Secretariat received greater resources. Likewise, they pointed out the importance of prioritizing the construction of infrastructure over training.

The budget for 2023 was $1,971 million, with 68% execution. For 2024, a budget of $2.23 billion is projected, distributed into components such as care and assistance, effective participation, and peace and reconciliation.

The debate included reading of the presentation report on the Draft Ordinance for the 2024 budget, with modifications that adjusted the total budget to $2.8 billion and specific allocations to decentralized entities.

On another front, deputy Mario del Castillo expressed his concern about the lack of detailed information on the impact of the projects presented. He requested additional data on the execution of the projects, to which the Secretary responded that the corresponding information would be provided.

In the same session, Amauri Lora, Secretary of Victims and Reconciliation, highlighted achievements of his Secretariat, including territorial certification for three consecutive years, 55 Itinerant Conferences in 29 municipalities benefiting more than 75 thousand victims, and actions implemented to serve the victim population in satisfaction measures.

The session concluded with the expectation of a more detailed analysis of the projects and a critical evaluation of the distribution of resources in the department.


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