“I really regret having met him”

“I really regret having met him”
“I really regret having met him”

The Paraguayan model, who is in the final stretch of pregnancy with what will be her sixth child Bertin Osbornehas definitively closed her chapter with the singer. “I very much regret having been with him and believing the people around him”, has said. After learning about the existence of a new woman in the presenter’s life, Gabriela Guillén He stated: “I don’t know this character you are portraying, I don’t know who Bertín is.”

It is the first time that the businesswoman has been this blunt with respect to the father of her son, with whom she had always left an open door to reconciliation and friendship for the good of the child they will have in common. This Tuesday, however, Gaby shelved the Spanish Casanova: “I have been hospitalized several times for anxiety attacks. This does not compensate me at all, it has changed my life”has assured in AfternoonAr. And he adds: “I’m not going to go back to him, it’s a matter of dignity.”

A few days after becoming a mother for the first time, Gaby assures that the child’s father still shows no signs of life: “You are not worrying about your son at all. Zero. I am a mother and father. Karma and divine justice exist”. And he warns that he does not intend to remain silent: “I am not afraid to speak because I tell the truth. Furthermore, he has no right to reproach me for anything.”

Bertin, desperate

The singer’s problems are piling up. There are now five women who claim to have had relations with him since he separated from Fabiola Martínez, and even while being with her. The last is Marta, a dark-skinned, Catalan woman twenty years younger than him with whom he would have enjoyed a great friendship since 2017. She is the only one who is still silent: Chabeli Navarro, Enna and Marcia di Lele They broke theirs to portray the presenter’s true face.

Of course, Gaby places herself at a good distance from all of them and states: “I was not a lover, I was his partner. He knew everything about him. I was at his house with his children.”


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