A little ‘Manchester’, a lot of ‘City’

A little ‘Manchester’, a lot of ‘City’
A little ‘Manchester’, a lot of ‘City’

See the Girona At the top of the rankings he seems to have aroused admiration and envy in equal measure. The Catalan team continues to receive praise from all over the planet, but also accusations of being ‘the subsidiary of the Manchester City‘.

Those who have suffered the history of the club from the inside cannot understand how, after all the effort and sacrifice to reach First divisionopinions appear that question the progress of a project that has been on the rise for several seasons.

It is true that the Girona team is part of the umbrella that encompasses the City Football Group, but none of that has to do with receiving money from the property through checkbook. The ‘blanc-i-vermella’ entity has its budgets and its salary limit, respecting all the rules of the League and without being financed by third parties.

Not even the club has opted for the third loan that would complement the three loans by the group. Quique Cárcel bet on Yan Coutowhich repeats experience in Montilivi for the third time and he already wore the ‘gironina’ jersey both in the First Division and in the Second and, on the other hand, it appears Savinhowhich did not seem to take place even in the subsidiary of the PSV Dutch. Neither the Catalan squad is full of players from the ‘citizens’ nor does the club have an advantage.

In addition, the group was affected by the losses of players such as Oriol Romeu or Santi Buenosales that could be included together with the returns of Taty Castellanos or Rodrigo Riquelme to their respective teams. When things were not going well, there was also talk of players who, due to age, would no longer perform at the level, of players who had no place in their teams or of figures who returned at the request of the sports management. Now that the wind is in their favor, many overlook the fact that a good part of the squad came as free agents and another large group is made up of grassroots figures or substitute pieces from teams with, a priori, the same real objectives as the club. Gironi’.

Michel He is the great creator of talent in all of them and the great person responsible, along with Quique Cárcel in the background, of the sweet moment that the team is experiencing. The idea fits and the trust is complete in each of the members. Along with this appears the ‘City‘because yes, there is a lot of ‘Gironí Pride’ in the Catalan city, key to accompanying the process of a project supported by several foundations, both inside and outside the club.


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