SSG shields the Northeast of Guanajuato against dengue – Agency Bulletins

Guanajuato, Guanajuato; November 21, 2023.- The municipalities of the Guanajuato region were protected against the dengue mosquito.

Through Sanitary Jurisdiction II, the Health System deployed an entire containment strategy for the municipalities located in the Sierras Gorda declared by Presidential Decree as a Biosphere Reserve, such as Xichú, Atarjea, Santa Catarina, Tierra Blanca, Dr. Mora, San José Iturbide and San Luis de la Paz, the latter with 3 confirmed cases.

For the first time, Victoria records a rebound in cases with 18 confirmed diagnoses when this region had not adapted to dengue due to its low temperatures this season.

Dr. Daniel Díaz Martínez, Secretary of Health, reported that vector area personnel have placed 627 ovitraps to monitor the course of the vector in this region.

Meanwhile, a permanent day of waste disposal in various public spaces was intensified in each of the nine municipalities of the region.

Homes are actively visited; promoting the #Wash #Lid #Turn #Throw strategy, in order to verify that the home does not have an accumulation of water where the mosquito can spread.

20,218 residences have already been visited; of which it has been possible to work with 145,425 houses.

Added to this field work are 140 workshops provided to the general population, 8,243 individual orientations in waiting rooms of health units, in addition to the distribution of 27,319 information flyers.

Work has also been done with the school population, accrediting 19 schools as “Socially Responsible Against Dengue”, as well as 49 additional institutions and workplaces under the same certification.

Daniel Díaz urged the population of the northeast to identify and grant access to vector staff houses; Each one has official identification from the Ministry of Health and wears yellow jackets.

If any family member presents symptoms such as fever above 38°C, headache, muscle or joint pain, rash, or eye pain, it is crucial that they go to the nearest health unit to receive treatment. Avoid self-medication.

Active community collaboration is essential to combat the spread of this disease. Prevention and timely care are key to protecting everyone’s health.

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