Fibers evaluate whether they support with works in Guerrero

Fibers evaluate whether they support with works in Guerrero
Fibers evaluate whether they support with works in Guerrero

Mexico City.- It will not be until the end of November when it is known how many Real Estate Investment Trusts (Fibras) could participate in the reconstruction of Acapulco, Guerrero, reported the Mexican Association of Real Estate Fibers (Amefibra).

For the moment, the Fibers are concentrating their efforts on supporting the victims of Acapulco and it would be until the end of the month that we would know if any would participate in the reconstruction process, stated Josefina Moisés, general director of the Association.

“We have been in communication with the Fibers regarding the installation of collection centers and shelters.

“At the end of the month I have a meeting with the general directors of the Fibers to find out if they would be interested in participating in the reconstruction of Acapulco. Until now I do not know if there are other Fibers that wish to enter to remodel and equip (the city),” he noted. the director of Amefibra.

Josefina Moisés recalled that around 2.5 percent of the Fibras’ properties are located in Acapulco, which have an area of ​​more than 35 million square meters.

He explained that even some Fibers did not result in severe damage, while others had notable damage, such as the cases of Galerías Diana and Patio Acapulco.

Both properties were affected by the passage of Hurricane “Otis” and also by the acts of plunder that occurred in the Guerrero port.

He commented that Galerias Diana is expected to be completely rebuilt in the next four to six months, while Patio Acapulco is expected to begin operating in the coming days, since for the moment it is functioning as a community dining room.

In addition, the Fibers have maintained sources of employment in this tourist destination, the director added.

Ana Karen Mora, director of Sustainability and Funo Foundation, owner of Patio Acapulco, highlighted that some properties did not suffer structural damage, only the façade.

In Patio Acapulco, Mora added, Soriana and another store that operates in the plaza, reopened last week.

On the other hand, the Funo board said that the Fiber has a risk analysis due to climate change, which includes the impact of possible hurricanes.

Based on this, he added, it can be said that the impact of Patio Acapulco does not represent a relevant financial cost for the company.

According to official data, the hurricane damaged 120 hospitals and clinics, 376 hotels representing 21,868 rooms, and 294,000 homes, of which 23 percent were reported as a total loss.

In addition, 82 percent of the 43 damaged commercial premises were devastated.

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