Mendoza enables a new consumer defense tool

In an effort to improve and streamline the interaction between suppliers and management of Consumer Defense of Mendoza, the Government launched the Single Registry of Electronic Addresses of Suppliers, known as RUDEPthrough Resolution 245/2022.

This is a change that is part of the implementation of the Electronic Document Management System in the Provincial Public Administration.

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The Consumer Defense Directorate, as the entity in charge of protecting consumer rights, seeks to improve procedural aspects, specifically in communication with suppliers and electronic notifications.

The RUDEP’s goal is to channel all actions related to suppliers through electronic addresses, ranging from simple procedures to reliable notifications derived from administrative files.

Key benefits

Document Efficiency: The establishment of the electronic address (email) promises to streamline procedures effectively.
Service Optimization: Facilitates the efforts of suppliers to achieve greater efficiency in the service provided by Management.
Municipal Collaboration: The database is shared with the Municipal Offices, becoming a management tool at the provincial level.
Direct Communication Channel: A direct channel is established with suppliers to guarantee the speed of processing and the correct exercise of the right of defense.

Through the RUDEP system, suppliers are invited to take part by informing with a notification the email address that will be part of the registry. In this way, it is important to know that once the electronic address is declared, all notifications made through it will be considered valid and binding.

Interested suppliers must send the required information to the email [email protected] in PDF format, signed by the owner or representative of the supplier.

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