Cicce and Cajamag will train unemployed people

Cicce and Cajamag will train unemployed people
Cicce and Cajamag will train unemployed people

The Colombian Institute of Business Qualification Corporation and the Magdalena Compensation Fund join forces to offer training to unemployed people and strengthen work skills.

The entities have forged a valuable alliance with the objective of training unemployed beneficiaries of the compensation fund, especially those that are part of the unemployment protection mechanism. This mechanism ensures the social protection of unemployed workers, maintaining access to essential services such as health, pension savings, family subsidies and facilities for job intermediation and training.

Faced with this reality, the alliance between Cicce and Cajamag It acquires significant importance by offering training to those who are unemployed and actively seeking employment. Claudia Milena Manjarrez, president of the Cicce Corporation, highlights the usefulness of these training processes to strengthen the work skills of those seeking to resume their working lives.

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The focus of this alliance is on strengthening soft skills, such as resilient leadership, emotion management, assertive communication, collaborative work and problem solving, all taught virtually. In addition, it seeks to improve specific skills and abilities of the work environment, including the preparation of the resume and interviews, oral and written expression, mathematical knowledge, digital tools and effective planning.

Claudia Milena Manjarrez highlights the mission of closing poverty gaps and improving the quality of life of those seeking employment and their families through quality education. To access this valuable resource, interested parties can go to the nearest Cajamag Employment Agency.

The strategic alliance between Cicce and Cajamag not only responds to the urgent need to address unemployment, but also demonstrates the joint commitment of these institutions to contribute to the comprehensive development of the unemployed population in the department of Magdalena.

THE NUMBER: According to DANE, in Colombia there are 2.3 million unemployed people, representing 9.3% of the population.

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