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Comfacauca promotes transformative initiatives

Meeting on Labor Empowerment and Rural Development in Cauca: Comfacauca Promotes Transformative Initiatives

The Comfacauca Employment Agency reaffirmed its commitment to labor progress and diversity by participating in the Meeting to Update Labor Regulations and Empowerment of Working, Rural, Entrepreneurial Women and the LGBTIQ+ Population of Cauca, which took place in the auditorium of the Casa de la Moneda.

This event brought together various business sectors in the search to strengthen labor ties and promote equity.

The day had a dynamic agenda, highlighting presentations such as “Update of Collective Labor Law”, “Successful Experiences of Formality in Cauca” and “Where the Solidarity Economy and Associativity of Cauca is Going”; as well as an enriching employability workshop led by the Employment Agency of Comfacauca.

During the development of the event, there was space for the exhibition of ventures in areas such as bakery, confectionery, textiles and coffee production Comfacaucaalso participated in this exhibition, with two stands of the beneficiaries of the Rural Women projects: Autonomy and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Southern Cauca” and “Resilient Youth”through which the contribution of the Fund to rural economic development in the region was demonstrated.

Héctor Gerardo Morales Rodríguez, coordinator of the technical cooperation area of ​​Comfacauca, expressed: “The intention with the execution of these projects is that families of the rural population can access these rural economic development strategies.”

The Labor and Social Security Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor, represented by Sara López, stressed the importance of making visible, addressing and preventing any form of violence that may arise in workplaces, both formal and informal. This gender approach is essential to ensure fair and inclusive work environments.

Comfacauca promotes transformative initiatives
Comfacauca promotes transformative initiatives

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