They have an operation for the issue of payment of bonuses

We are a little less than a month away from the delivery of the bonuses, so the labor authorities are already preparing an operation in this regard and are ready to address all the workers’ concerns.

As background, last year there were about 180 to 200 complaints in Guanajuato regarding the bonus issue, according to Marco Antonio Rodríguez Vázquez, Undersecretary of Labor and Social Security.

He reported that they began to have complaints during the fortnight, where the worker indicated that he had already received his payment corresponding to the first 15 days of the month but not the bonus, to which the authorities responded that the deadline had not yet expired. .

These advices did not amount to a complaint and were the majority since many employers pay for it on the last day.

“The law states that it has to be paid before the 20th, and before that it is the 19th, but if the employer pays it on the 20th, which by custom many pay it on the 20th, that is how it is interpreted, we do not sanction, we leave a letter saying the law states and we put the article before the 20th, which is the 19th. For next year, it must be paid no later than the 19th,” he explained.

The complaints about lack of bonus were almost all because it was paid on the 20th and in some cases there were small ones that the companies replaced the workers, but there were 2 companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy so they were going to pay everything including settlements at the end of the year.

Whoever does not pay must be eligible for a tax credit for the equivalent since they have to pay the workers a penalty ranging from 250 to 5 thousand umas.

If someone is a repeat offender and alleged fraud is detected, the sanctions are more serious.

For all workers who have questions, 800 8213600 is the number where you can file a complaint or on the microsite of the Undersecretariat of Labor there is a chat where you can ask the authority all your questions.

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