Government closed 12 bars over the weekend

Government closed 12 bars over the weekend
Government closed 12 bars over the weekend

Juan Carlos Núñez/El Diario

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 | 11:50

Chihuahua, Chih.- The Subdirectorate of the Interior of the Chihuahua City Council Secretariat carried out 214 inspections of premises and establishments, resulting in 12 closures in total.

The closures date back to last Tuesday, November 14, when the “La Regina” restaurant bar was closed, due to violent incidents outside.

On Thursday, November 16, the “Rita y Chilaka” restaurant was closed because it does not have an alcoholic beverage license, provisional permit, land use license, operating license, civil protection opinion and COESPRIS document.

On Friday, November 17, the restaurant bar “La Regina” was closed again for violation of seals.

Another nine establishments were closed due to unattended minutes from past weeks (El Cuartel liquor store, Capital del Mundo liquor store, Del Rio store, Quinta Real liquor, Los Reyes liquor, MV liquor, Huitziloporky Plaza del Mariachi, Huitziloporky of the youth peripheral and Huitziloporky of Teófilo Borunda).


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